Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reasonable Indulgence - Kent combs

$7-20 for a comb?  What could it possibly do?  The same thing that the $1 comb does.  What is does not do is till your scalp like a tobacco field in the spring.  The teeth are thickly cut, and carefully rounded at the bottom, making the experience noticeably better.  They all say "hand-cut", and are certainly heavier than the other drugstore versions.  Will they change the way you look at combs?  Let's not be stupid.  Will they make you a bit more careful about keeping track of them?  Yes.

This one is great for traveling

While Anglo lady-grooming pillar Mason Pearson brushes usually start near $80 and easily exceed $100, you will find Kent in the more reasonable $10 range for standard models.  I give them as gifts to nephews, friends, and people who might like these odd sorts of things.  When my son can comb his hair himself, I have one waiting for him.  They obviously don't do anything magical, but they can blur the line between routine and ritual long enough to give you a few seconds to figure out your day or to sharpen your heading.

The Kent comb adds a small amount of daily niceness, even to the hurried hairwright, but they are thankfully within reason.  Buy one and give it its own place.  It is an indulgence, but at a small price.


  1. Boar bristle brush for me thanks....about $15.00

  2. Kent combs and brushes are fine implements, for sure. Speert, of Switzerland, also offers an extensive line of well-made combs:


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