Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making Ties for Young Boys

How to make ties for boys.

Mrs. gave me (and Jr). these matching ties from Brooks Brothers.  Pink with limes all about.  Handsome.

Jr. is regularly in a tie observing dress code, but they filth up quickly.  Knit ties are durable and handsome, especially on the wee lads.

I buy them as cheaply as possible, and cut them by two-thirds, enough for the neck of a three-year-old.

Originally $45, then $9, I got these today for $4 each.

Above is the correct length, below is the 1/3 remainder
Hem the bottom in similar thread by turning the ends inward and stitching.  The rough knit hides shoddy work.

 A better tie length for a tiny neck, and they are the right width.  The satin or rayon ribbon should be kept amidships.

The new tie and the scrap left over.

The thinner back-end of a regular neck-tie also works, but you'll have to stitch carefully if it's silk.  The lads are happy to wear ties if they see Father doing it regularly.  I know someone else in Boston who also has a one similar.

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