Monday, March 14, 2011

Collar Stays (Re-dredged Post)

Why you are a chump if you ever BUY NEW COLLAR STAYS

For whatever reason, in the last 3 days I got hundreds of (remarkably polite) requests specifically to repost this.  That seems both odd and almost as if I am breaking some standard by recycling old materials.  Luckily, as a third-rate blogger, I am unrestrained by pesky controls like common sense, ethics, professionalism, good taste, "standards", gravity, and obviously the second law of thermal dynamics.

I'll have a new post shortly.

The following excerpt is from the original HERE, Originally Posted January 27, 2009

Still, after losing a bunch of [collar] stays, I was forced to buy a new small vile of them at Brooks Brothers, for about $14. It seemed expensive at the time for tiny plastic tabs, but I didn't want the ends of my collars to break formation when I have them flanking a tie. After I lost that entire supply, the solution came to me on a business trip.

I had lost the pair I brought with me, and was feeling a bit hopeless. I looked around the room, and next to the small coffee maker, were some cocktail straws and my room key card.

It seemed simple enough. I doubled it and put the point into the stay slot. They would have to do. I asked the front desk to send up some scissors (though I suppose nail clippers could have been used... slowly).

It worked. On the second day, I cut the room key to pieces and used it to fabricate new plastic stays. I then remembered paying $14 for a few of these, as I sat with a new pair for free.

It worked out perfectly. Now, I just keep the room key that the hotels give me, and make a few new pair each time I need them... for free.

I have no problem with the luxury models of collar stays, but they are just not for me. It's not a style issue, its practicality.



  1. Don't spend money on a vile vial.

    Intentional, or fortuitous?

    Either way, nice shirt.

  2. JKG: Most intentional... I linked it, just to drive it home. BTW, If you're ever in Boston, let me know.

  3. Classic! I laughed out loud at this one. Don't tell the pompous i-gents about this. They'll be awfully cross with you for not buying engraved bespoke platinum or smuggled contraband sea turtle collar stays.

  4. LBF: I only wear oosik buttons and panda-tooth cufflinks when mouth-scorching on ortolan.

  5. Such a great idea, I must say I've managed to not lose a handful of them that currently make the rounds of my shirts, but this is so easy all my shirts will soon have their own.

    Also, laughing hysterically at the LBF comment and your response. I've heard they're making new ones out of unobtainium.


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