Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golf Inspired Clothing

The Legend of Baggier Pance.
Ever since the Golf Foxtrot transitioned to Whisky India Foxtrot Echo several years back, I have maintained a flawless golfing record.  Not a single game.  It helps that I am ambivalent towards it, which never sat well in my family of ultra-excitable and competitive golf-course marksmen.  The modern golfing aesthetic is largely unrecognizable from its origins, which probably died out with the retirement of Jack Nicklaus.  With garments designed to attempt concealment of abdominal brewery depositories, the clothing seems almost specifically engineered to be unflattering.  Gone are plaid pants, brimmed hats, visors, sweaters, and now, even golfing shoes.  What do I care?  I don't even play golf.  Occasionally though, I like to give a nod to a sport that until recently, valued green blazers, madras pants, two-toned kilties, and lightweight sweaters.  Thankfully, women golfers still wear visors, flattering (sleeveless) collared shirts, and madras, and in summer when the aunties head out for their cut-throat golfing, the tonic and I both wave from the hammock.  Contrary to what most people think, many of the old golfing club members tend to keep the colors pretty tame, and terms like "pink and green" only imply the combination of "sunburned and sick".

Patterned gray suit with argyle socks and sweater vest
Scratchy and warm vest, but won't likely see a golf course
It "casuals-down" a normal suit
Over-the-calf woolen socks with Henry Maxwell Kilties
Here, 007 represented the contemporary golfing attire (then) while Goldfinger remained with the previous generation's assembly.  Bond  foiled Goldfinger's attempt at the ol' switcheroo during this game.
An alert from Vir Beatum reminded me that the PGA has a few young fogeys.



  1. Ian Poulter seems to be the one trying to keep hold of tradition. The man even has his own tartan as part of his own clothing label.

    Best of all I like the tie.

  2. I gave up golf in 1988 and have not played of my best moves since I have a wife and 3 kids...and I would much rather spend time with them...or shooting skeet/trap...which is much less time consuming and provides a certain level of catharsis that is never found on the Links.

  3. Killer outfit. Love all the right angles (windowpane, argyle, v-neck scoop) gingerly elbowing each other but ultimately playing nicely together, then the playful other patterns (dots and paisley) really offsetting it all and giving it a more playful feel.

    Like most sports, golf has been absorbed by companies promoting their latest uber-dry technologies (which are mostly black and some other shade of gray in color). I mean, it's just not natural for a fellow to get some pitting while walking around in the hot summer sun!

    Fortunately, the Norwegian curling team is keeping it real. :)

  4. Excellent getup, I like how the argyle patterns of the vest are just out of view with the jacket on. I too maintain a perfect golfing record, ever since finishing up my undergrad and now working full time/studying to take the LSAT. I even have a slightly used set of clubs that are probably now horribly outdated. I fear that if I played now without hitting the range the cost of lost golf balls might equal my green fee. Until then, I'll stick with my golf inspired apparel as well. I started playing when I was 4, so I think I can afford a break for a while.

    Also, I've never really understood why new techno-fabrics have to be so ugly and oversized. Is it that difficult to make a decent blazer out of semi-conscious nano fibers?

  5. Thanks for the post, really appreciate it. Will stop by again!


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