Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Emails

Dear Sir,
We hosted a party in our first apartment together for new years eve. We were roommates in college and wanted to throw something nice and have a good time with other friends and even people from work, we were pretty open about the invitation and welcomed anybody. A very handsome dressed guy -grad student- had a silk pocket square, tie, and a heavy charcoal color wool suit that looked great and I think he was a friend of a friend. We served wine and mix drinks and beer. 

[Photos were attached here, and very charming descriptions of what a lot of the men were wearing]

It was a really great party and the most fun NYE!

[After more descriptions, the final paragraph]

The guy in the really nice suit said that he only drinks micro-brews or scotch and did we have any.  We were both sorry to say no that we didnt. We had [Bud and Bud Lite] which everyone liked. We realized that we should set up a small bar for future parties and wanted to know what we should by for well dressed gentlemen.

Addie and Sarah,
Atlanta, GA

Dear Addie and Sarah,
You threw a perfectly elegant party.  Your first apartment looks charming, and judging by the photos, everybody was at ease and you were great hostesses.  As for the well-dressed young man there and his disdain for what you offered him, you should see that he is never invited back.  He is an ass.

Happy 2011 to you both!

P.S. I will have a post about setting up a bar for a party soon.


Happy New Year! My older sister is getting married in April in Chapel Hill inside at night and I want to know if I should wear the blue suit or the gray suit? . I am single and she has tons of single girlfriends.
 [photos of each suit were attached along with a link to the venue]

Raleigh, NC

Dear C.,
You should wear whatever suit will be the most comfortable for sitting, eating, dancing, and then draping over the shoulders of the young lady with whom you stroll outdoors for fresh evening air. The daffodils are likely to be poking through then in North Carolina, so be sure to pick one for her during your stroll, and offer her your arm. 




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