Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Affordable Black Tie Wardrobe

Over the weekend, Giuseppe Timore and I took an evening of black tie and racquet sport awards functions.  Pictured above in the more quiet moments before the evening got a hold of itself, Giuseppe is sporting a vintage silk shawl-collared dinner jacket and equal trousers.  His shirt is a fantastic black-watch tartan which presents only the white bib and cuffs when worn under a jacket (with a removable collar).  While his wardrobe's acquisition expenditure was literally fractions (1/1000 by his estimate) of many of the other assemblies that evening, it was of a better fit and patina than just about anything at the event (speaking only of the men, of course).  If he is convincingly clear in his writing, he is surgically articulate in person, and embodies a quiet and certain combination of pragmatic discipline, easy humor, and time-warp charisma.  My overcoat for the evening was a purchase from his online shop, and is now my most frequent winter outer.

The evening once again proved that attention to tradition combined with vigilant skepticism of contemporary guidelines will produce a firmly excellent men's wardrobe... and if you're lucky, for pennies on the dollar.

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  1. Just came over from A. W., looking forward to more.

  2. Good to see you invited Mr. Timore out to one of your clubs, old man, and interesting to visit his site to see what he made of the experience. Glad to see the old Boston clubs can still come off well in the eyes of the young guard-- as we both know, the club world can use men who know how to wear a tartan dress shirt under their black tie. As one of your scholar friends I know very well that the ivy-covered walls also have need of such men. It would have been good to have him with us for the New Year's Gala, which if I take this post correctly was at your other club. Cheers for helping keep Boston the city it ought to be, and sometimes really is.


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