Thursday, May 31, 2012

Remedy for a Wide Tie

I had a tie that was too wide.  If memory serves, it was donated to a charity event, and I was the highest bidder at the silent auction.  Sadly, my winning bid was in the neighborhood of $10.

 For comparison, I put a slightly thinner tie over it, and then a much thinner knit tie over that.  It's not quite I-95-wide, but it is at the very edge of looking alright.  See below (with the creases still visible from the box in which it came).

After one week and $12, the seamstress brought it under control, lightly steam-pressed it into shape, and it released it to me.

Before at left.  Post-trimming and reforming on the right.

 It was an easy fix (for her), and now it looks a bit better.  It's not a favorite by any stretch, but it's certainly better now.

Before and after.

Don't throw in the towel on a too-wide tie if you like the pattern and weight.  If you can't find a seamstress around you to reform it, send it up here and I'll drop it off for you.


  1. Great idea about salvaging ties... I have noticed a certain men's clothier offers ties in great repp stripes and patterns but they are wider than I like. This past Christmas I received two of these as gifts and like their colors but they are at least a half inch wider than some of my other similarly styled ties. What is up with JAB's wide ties?

  2. Your seamstress did a very nice job! Just checking in on some previous posts - haven't been by in a while. The catalog photo shoot images cracked me up. So true, so very true. :)

  3. Actually I don't mind slightly wide neck ties, as they contradict the current hipster fashion for skinny ties.

    But 70's too-wide?

    Not my cuppa, I'm afraid.

    1. Actually the hipsters are off of ties right now, except for the old-timey hipsters (the ones with pringles moustaches), who wear bow ties and incidentally are the only hipsters who know how to tie a tie without consulting google.

  4. These fellas will convert your long tie to a bow tie -- another option for beautiful fabric that's just shy of bib-width.


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