Monday, May 7, 2012

Looking Down at the World

For some reason, photographers and designers seem to like this pose.
"Being pretty makes me feel so shy!  Gosh your camera makes me both giggly AND bashful."


"Alright ladies, we're doing the new spring line shots now.  What?  No, we don't have any bathrooms, why?  Can't it wait?  Well, I'm sorry, but you'll just have to hold it."


Children must only look up at the world... y'know, all hopeful and optimistic-like.  

Hey, Kid... get with the program.  Only the adult models get to look down.


Brooks Brothers Catalog: This guy is a sailor?  Why is he holding the mainsheet right off the boom (I'm guessing)?

Landfall Outfitters 2012 Catalog.  These guys are sailors.  Notice the zinc-oxide smeared across the middle guy's face.  No hair-dressers on set here.


Lastly, this gal should ditch this dork.  Not wearing socks to his own wedding? 


  1. Great fun as always with these types of posts - yet so astute. Apologies, if I am confused but should "Hey kid..." be "looking down?" Also, have not read for a bit, but the airline post was right on target. Even the photo was repulsive. Best - Mrs. W.

  2. I thought little kids look up because they're short.

  3. GREAT observations, haha!


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