Friday, June 8, 2012

And I thought that my blog gave bad advice...

Ever wondered how to achieve that short hair look?  According to this article in a men's magazine in my dentist's waiting room, it somehow requires several steps.

Apparently, very short hair can be achieved by cutting your hair very short.  Fascinating.  As I read on, more secrets were unlocked, such as "How to style it".  

Will they also reveal the formula for the no-sock look during summer?  This is "the haircut of the moment", but the magazine was already a month or two old.  How is a boy to keep up?


If we could get this information into the hands of our armed forces, they could add several steps to their short hair requirements instead of just one.  All this time, our brave men and women have been serving without two fingers of pomade to give their hair texture.


A commenter reminded me to ask for your submissions for the Spring Contest.  Keep sending in your summaries (formal or informal) and I'll pick tally them up.  


  1. Sir, been missing your posts...where you been?
    When are you coming to Philly again?
    Wife and I will be on Block Island 7/2 thru 7/4...your neck o' the woods.

  2. Solution for the no sock look: Buy socks that can't be seen. I have several pairs that I wear during the summer, to avoid the shorts with white sock look (although that look is certainly much better than the sock and sandal look). They keep your shoes smell-free and your feet comfortable, and nobody knows you're wearing socks.

  3. 'How It Cut It"? Is that a Buffalo Bill reference?

  4. Hmm, I've never thought your blog gave bad advice. ;)

    I wonder how two fingertips of pomade would look on my bald scalp. I really need to keep up with the times...

  5. Damn it all! That's too complicated. Just shave it.

  6. I wear panty hose instead of socks. It gives my ankles that tanned look.

  7. Funny. I like the guys who start going bald, so to spare themselves the embarrassment of being bald they shave their heads bald.


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