Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tracking the Sole

After owning these shoes for a year or two (I think), I have made several overdue discoveries about these weird things.  First, after months of staining my socks, I realized that the interiors were red.

It took me months to put two and two together on the interiors, but it was very recently that I even noticed that there were little sailboats on the soles.

I was thumbing through some stuff while waiting at a Boston tailor recently, when I saw this advertisement imploring suburban Dads to get style make-overs.

If your men's style blogging experience has been noticeably more pleasant recently, it may because I have been posting less often.  As a warning, it will likely increase soon.


  1. I've never heard of anyone wearing socks with boat shoes. Folks who sail know that using them on a boat will get them wet and enable the color to fade and pass unnoticed. Bottom line: You should not wear socks with these shoes.

  2. I wear socks with boat shoes throughout the winter. For sailing sockless, I have a pair of older Dexters that have outlasted everything else by a decade.

  3. i really enjoy reading your blog and i don't mind you posting lots of stuffs.:D

  4. It's great that they were able to use Boston icon Cliff Clavin for the makeover.

  5. So, you're going to force upon us more written entries? Do what you have to.

  6. Didn't you know? The boats on the bottom are what make them for sailing....jeez

  7. I've ruined every pair of deck shoes I've ever owned by wearing them sockless. Sperry's, Docksiders, Quoddy's...sweaty feet trash the insides.

  8. Lots of folks wear socks with boat shoes, and lots of folks manage to sail without getting their feet wet.

  9. A long time ago, you did a post on the writing of a man focused on documenting old ways -- road rollers, sledges, stone walls, wood-stacking -- accompanied by some fantastic line drawings. I can't find it now, but that was the one that hooked me. That, and this one are perhaps my favorites. One or two others. I like clothes, sure. But I enjoy knowing that your choices have a depth rooted in identity -- and as much as you have standards you seem to refrain from extending your judgment about clothing to judgment about people (pretty much).

    This is a long way of saying I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

    1. Eric Sloane... one of my favorites. His work embodies much of what I hope to be (but likely will never get close to).


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