Saturday, October 22, 2011

River Style

A weekend+ trip to the Ozarks for some much-needed fishing.  Saturday afternoon, I checked into my cabin and took a canoe for a solo trip down the river for a few hours as the late sun set in the cliff-lined river as the trout fed on a hatch all around me.  Before sunrise the next morning, I enjoyed a lumberjack's breakfast before meeting my Ghillie for a full day of guided fishing.  Gorgeous rainbow and brown trout, frigid tail-water, and warm sun in cloudless skies gave us a perfect day.

 Drift Boat piloted by an expert Ghillie.

Straw hat for the Ozark sun.

Waders, reel, and wading boots. 

 Offensively yellow socks worn under waders.  The picture does not do them justice... they are almost day-glow.  My Ghillie was not impressed, but he was diplomatic.

Gorgeous vistas.

Last remaining rental in the lot... an American muscle car.  It made the drive fun with a strong rumbling engine and firm suspension.

One final fruit hangs on. 

The trout-enriched White River.

The landscape and its relic.

An evening out with with friends.  Grilled fresh-water fish and barbecue were washed down with beer purchased in one of the few counties that allow alcohol.

I've fished these waters before and am always impressed.  Baptist-heavy counties are voted "dry" by their citizenry, outlawing the sale of ANY type of alcohol (though the tide seems to be turning) and everyone smokes.  Sore hands and forearms from paddling, rowing and casting and the first lip-chapping of the year... all well worth it.

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