Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Flea and Several Hounds

Purchased at Top Shelf Flea Market IV over the weekend from Zachary Deluca for less than $40.  100% wool and not too heavy.  

A tie picked up from Giuseppe's booth.  Hounds catching the scent.

Liquor prices at the bar could be fulfilled with pocket change.  Some excellent vintage finds... even Mrs. found plenty, and my son's Auntie brought home a dead fox for her shoulders.  I was happy to meet many of the folks I've known only by email (a bad way to maintain an association), especially a particularly well-dressed Pacific Northwest power broker attorney who bounced around the city with me afterwards, sampling comfortable leather chairs and exceedingly comfortable drinks.


  1. I'm sad to have missed this - we were going to stop by and combine it with a trip to Redbones, after a morning at Larz Anderson, but got scared away by fear of the HOCR craziness.


  2. Oh, I miss my old tennis sweater! Lord only knows what happened to it. Wish we had a top shelf flea market around here. Sounds like you scored some great finds.

  3. So that is how you wear a cricket sweater, good to know. I always thought them to be too sporty to put under a blazer/suit jacket.


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