Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Knitwear for Ladies

On her recent trip to Brimfield's textile market, Mrs. picked up a new (very vintage) suit for herself.  It actually came with the original catalog.

This is the suit she bought.

I dig these older photos, and the styles they portray.  Some of them have some real gravity.  Made in Italy, the Giana catalog shows outfits that were warm and heavy, likely held the smell of cigarettes for days, and were the garments of some excellent parties.  The hair is fantastic, and reminds me of a certain Grande Dame who was feared by most people around her... all but her hair dresser, who provided a vengeful torrent of sass when he felt that she had spoken abrasively or in a manner that indicated her privilege.

Good weekend to all.  My immediate travel plans include a stop over to one of the most generous style/clothing bloggers, the grain belt's own Mr. Midwester.  Tales to follow.


  1. Dig the hair-dos on those broads....hello Mad-Men

  2. Thanks for sharing. There's something very clean, simple, and elegant about those frocks. My favourite is the three-piece aquagreen number (Style 5010), third photo from bottom. If I were a chick, or a cross-dresser, that's the one I would choose. Beautiful.


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