Wednesday, September 14, 2011


An exclusive club that is actually not exclusive and not even a club.

 A tower of collars.  Excellent.

A newly renovated interior hosts the Arctic Club.  Big Band and cocktail bossa nova smooth out the first floor, and the barman adds the martini shaker to the rhythm.  The billiard balls clack occasionally, and the walrus head stares curiously out over the touches of Alaskan mineral and dark wood paneled walls.  This "club" is actually just a DoubleTree (Hilton) hotel, and the rooms are offered at very reasonable prices for business travelers who want to stay downtown.  The odd thing is that this hotel is a bit nicer and actually clubbier than many of the actual private clubs in the area.  Of the great features, one is treated like an adult with windows that open wide to the city, even on the high floors.  There are also no TV's in any of the lobby or bar areas, and it has a nice (though affected) older feel to the place.  My room has a French press, a kettle, and enough coffee for a week.

Not too many ties or suits in Seattle, but the fresh seafood is of astounding quality.  I make it back here a few time a year, and my early-riser East Coast clock has me up at a lonely hour to stroll the city in search of someplace that serves eggs and bacon before six o'clock... none found.  Coffee here is strong and thick, the way I make it, and a dear Boston friend who relocated here to launch his latest tech innovation takes me in and out of the great gin-joints as he plays liquor tour-guide for the week.

I see endless hotels that try and miss the mark, and it's nice to be in one that hits it.  My lime-green gingham check shirt and striped gray suit pairing also missed the mark, but I'll do it again.  With the sunshine, the oysters, and the fresh Olympic air, it's a great week to be alive and in Seattle.


  1. Thanks for this. Your writing makes me want to visit.

  2. I like the way you write specially on the first sentence. So if its not an exclusive and not a club what is it?=)

  3. Try the Athenian in the Market good view ok breakfast, or Cafe Campagne better breakfast and nice place (8am on weekends no lunch during the week)
    Dinner has much better options in Seattle like: The Boat Street cafe or Sitka and Spruce...

    Vashon Is.

  4. Except for the endless "Throw myself off the nearest certain death fall cliff" rains and grey dark days of winter, I do like it here.


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