Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reader Question: Mixing Seersucker

"Dear Yankee Whisky Papa. What are your thoughts on mixing seersucker pattern? I don't have a seersucker suit but I do have a jacket and different pants."

I have a seersucker suit in tan and white, and a few odd pants and jackets myself.  I had never actually tried to mix them actively, though not from fear of fashion police or Levitican law... I guess I had just never done it.  

I thought the two patterns actually worked out well.

I have an old 1980's tie from Thomas Pink that got along just fine, and a Polo shirt I got for next to nothing at the old Filene's Basement.

"How do you pull of an outfit with mis-matched patterns?" The young and easily offended daughter of a prominent coffee family asked.
"Oh, don't worry... they are pulled off much easier than they are put on." Uncle Max said, shamelessly preying upon the generations-younger lady, "But I'll probably need help with the cuff links." 
His mischievous wink was enough to send her away until the next party when her social amnesia* kicked in.

*Social amnesia has many synonyms.  Some call it friendly forgiveness, or use the phrase "all well by doubles", meaning that the next day, you forget whatever inelegance is spouted and unless it was overly cruel, you put it immediately behind you and don't mention it during your doubles tennis game.  Since I don't play tennis, I have to forgive such things immediately.


  1. It looks wonderful. I like your taste in dress shirts with white collar, or, as they are known in my world (or so I've been told), "Gordon Gecko shirts". Well done.

    Needless to say, I like the way Uncle Max thinks...

  2. Is that a copy of Chapman's on the settee? I learned my nav from that! Hoot!

  3. LBF: There's PLENTY more where that came from.

    Anon: It is! I first learned to Box the Compass from Chapman [Piloting: Seamanship and Small Boat Handling]... it's true! I have a few going back several decades (I think).

  4. I don't have many seersucker pieces, simply a jacket and some shorts. While I love the look you display here, I wouldn't combine a seersucker jacket and sport shirt.

  5. Nice seersucker, my friend. Makes me a little blue that in a couple of weeks, it heads back to the closet for another year. Yes, social amnesia is often needed when around those with no social filter. :)


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