Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Stupid Uniforms

Traveling, visiting galleries, dining out, exploring museums, sitting in church, sobbing at a cemetery, attending parties, hosting cookouts, and just about anything else... we afford ourselves and each other so little dignity.  We let our hosts know that we cannot be bothered by their preparation or printed invitations, and that our National Monuments and sacred spaces carry the same weight as a trip to a box store.  Damnit, we can do better.


  1. I agree with this.

    Although, if one is, say, rowing or competing in a triathlon, it is best to do so in athletic wear.

    The illustration is spot-on. The team jersey, stubble, and strategically-placed trendy tattoos are what most often piss me off.

  2. I am most offended by the phone clipped to the belt. The Bat-Man belt is wrong on any outfit but with athletic shorts it is extra silly.

  3. Yes to the original post and the previous two comments.

    Best Regards

  4. I was at a funeral today...I was wearing gray summer weight wool suit,white point collar shirt and a black tie with a muted pattern and freshly shined shoes. The deceased's grandsons showed up in black dockers and golf shirts with logos...just pathetic. I concur with your point here categorically....

  5. Eternal Teenager Syndrome. Why isn't there proper medical research being done to find a cure for this epidemic?

    Personally, I wouldn't even go to the box store in anything less than at least a clean tennis shirt and some comfortable chinos.

  6. Your words are well chosen, but I find the alteration to the classic illustration is what really brings it home.
    What we have lost will not be regained. Excellent post,sir.

  7. *LBF: I did a triathlon two weeks ago: 5 miles by subway, 3 miles by shuttle, and then 3000 miles by air... all in record time while wearing a suit. As for rowing, it's simply too laborious for me... I prefer to let the wind provide my propulsion.

    *Bro-ha-ha:Even police officers carry a bit too much on the ol' belt these days, and the cellphone belt clip sours my eye the way it does yours.

    *Pr. Boffke: Glad you're aboard!

    *La Sombra: Unfortunate indeed.

    *MainLine: My condolences to your friend and his family. Thankfully you guide your children correctly in these matters, so there is hope.

    *Giuseppe: The medical research has shown that eternal teenager syndrome is simply too wide-spread to tackle. Those of us with natural immunity are blessed to survive (our sartorial CCR5-Delta 32?... sorry, that was in bad taste).

    *Stock: I drew it very quickly waiting for a flight. I think that we will just have to wait it out.

  8. Amen, brother! Do please read my post about visiting Chicago over the Independence Day weekend, I think you'll find it amusing. But not half so amusing (well, through a veil of bitterness) as I did your "before" and "after" illustrations! Thank you, Reggie

  9. *Reggie: Your post on Chicago (linked above) set me over the edge in terms of this uniform. I credit your comments on the subject as a contributing push for me writing this. Thank you!


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