Friday, April 22, 2011

What Can You Get for $350?

Survey: Would you pay $350 for this shirt?

No, I didn't get this shirt...
For $350, I got six shirts, and and fifteen $10 bills... sort of.
Our neighborhood postman does not like headphones, and instead clips a small portable radio to the outside of his letter bag and enjoys sports radio at the tiny devices tinny-trebled strained maximum volume.  He knows which names go with which faces, the history of nearly every house and its inhabitants, and can accurately speculate as to the goings-on based on what is being received through the mail-slots.  This morning, an early-bird delivery was buzzed into our robed and pajama-clad city house.

"Gud Mawnin'!Mawr stuff from London!Sign heeya!Summaz comin' soon!Howzya kid?!Havaniceday!"  He said in his rapid-fire early-morning friendly half-shout.

Shirts from London...  a package of TM Lewin (from whom I have never been offered or accepted any gifts, etc. by the way).  I wait and wait and wait until I get them with free shipping and at clearance prices.  I paid $200 for all of these:

$200 for 6 fine shirts

I did a quick search for what $200 could get me elsewhere.  I was [not] surprised to find what $350 could get me... though I would not.

$350 for one shirt... likely very nice.

Instead of dropping $350 for one shirt, it seems more sensible to be patient, and then strike when opportunity presents.  Who wants to read a blog about people spending $350 on a damn shirt?  You can pick up any magazine and see models draped in $450 undershirts if that's your thing.  Back in reality, a patient $33 for a nicely cut shirt is a bit better.


  1. So much better. I like the red stripe, a lot.

  2. wearing a TMLewin shirt right now... love thir barrel cufflinks too.
    Free shipping... now THAT is a deal. great tip YWP.

  3. For 350$, which would be the equivalent of 240€, you will get the finest besboke tailored shirt with all details you want at G.Venturini in Vienna ... only to show the relation

  4. Absolutely agreed, Sir. It also makes shifts the focus from mere "shopping" to the more tasteful (IMHO) to the far more pleasant "clothes finding". Well played.

  5. These are really nice looking shirts. Are they MOP buttons? You'll have to do an update down the road and let us know how they wear.


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