Friday, April 15, 2011

Heroic Heavy Wool on Formal Friday

They continue it pictorially at Fine & Dandy.

USS Constitution Tie: $10 from Giuseppe's Shop

This suit came from Giuseppe's Shop, and I thankfully got one first and final-for-the-season wear of it.  The pattern is almost splashy, the wool qualifies as regulated chainsaw-safety fabric, and the cut was tinkered with by the tailor to bring it in a bit.  A 42 degree day in Boston this morning likely is our last *cough* chill of the *cough* season.

There are some garments which wear the wearer... and this suit actually gets close.  A particularly sharp 3-piece will bestow certain powers upon the wearer, and while this suit bestows powers, they are much different.  It is similar to dating a clinically insane super-model or driving a concept-grade sportscar... it will only go vaguely how you want it to, but however it goes, it will be dramatic.  Her name was Veronica, and she was the most stunning German temptress one could ever encounter (Veronica was the sportscar).  Wait... what was I talking about?  Ah, yes... the suit.  It's heavy heavy wool and pippy pattern make it the perfect toss for a cold spring day, and a USS Constitution tie make it all Boston.

Straight-laced Johnston Murphy wingtips on their 3rd set of soles

We will all be trunking our woolens soon, so a last cold-snap seals the season with a round turn.  Here's to formality on a Friday.


  1. Hard to pair a tie with that pattern....but you nailed it!

  2. This comment does not really deserve to be posted, but please oonsider writing up the scene of the decrepid car competition at your Summer spot as you wrote in Maxminimus' comments. I wish such understatement was still appreciated, even if it was taken to extremes.

  3. Well played, fellow. We also share a taste for green socks

    All best,


  4. Very nice suit, indeed and great pairing with the tie.


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