Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Colors

Wearing color during the cold months requires using paradox to enact a technicality.  Linens and cottons (yes, even light khakis) are generally off-limits for winter, or at least a bad idea in wet/cold.  Since corduroy is a winter (or cold weather) material, color may be introduced by way of the bright trouser.  Yellows, reds, greens, (whites might make the universe explode), and pinks are all within the technicality scope.

Vinyard Vines Cords: $19 at Filenes (+$5 cuffs)

I grabbed two pair of Vinyard Vines corduroys from (new Back Bay) Filenes for $19 each.  Not the steal of the original Basement (R.I.P.), but it would do.  I don't get myself in a lather over this brand the way every other mammal on the planet seems to, and their quality is indecipherable from the rest of like-tiered pants and clothing.  I'll give it to Vinyard Vines for color, though...

One has subtle pleats and the other is flat-fronted... irrelevant for the perpetually jacketed citizen.

Mrs. nabbed me a trio of spring socks for $9 new, and I thought that it might be time to pay last homage to cold here in beautiful Boston with a winter/spring/Easter ensemble which displays a wretchedly misguided combination of color.

Polo socks for $3/pair: Marshalls

Blue socks with the coralish-orangey-sockeye salmonesque pants will insult a few people during my stroll to the most irresponsibly generous martini-maker in the city.

Suede Henry Maxwells

Competing and conflicting patterns in a revived Thomas Pink shirt will add injury to the aforementioned insult, and disturb the human eye enough to grumble the undaring observer's lower bowel and cause the curmudgeon to percolate some angry spittle.

When all was said and done, this Fasika-themed kickstart allowed me to further self-aggrandize my stoic righteousness, though not to the point of encircling a tiny letter "c" after my blogged nonsense.


  1. You're going to give ADG a run for his money if you don't tread carefully. "Fuzzy," I believe, is the word he'd select.

  2. Very sharp! Good deal on the VV cords - while I like VV, I can't justify their prices online. If you can find it discounted, a much better option. I love my orange Talbots cords.

  3. One of my all-time favorite outfits, from anybody. I find VV every once in awhile at my local Marshall's and TJ Maxx (no Filene's here), so I'll be keeping an eye out for those cords as well as the Polo socks. Thanks!

  4. "irresponsibly generous martini-maker in the city" - Care to share, or private club?

    RIP, Original Basement, still makes me weepy.

  5. I would probably get threatened by frat boys for wearing something like that, but I'm glad that you're wearing it proudly. I'm jealous of the cords in particular, those things are great. And of course, the revived shirt; another life more interesting for it.

  6. JKG- Oh, there's plenty of room still on these inter-webs.

    JMW- I only buy them at DEEP discount, so I only own these two.

    Scott- You're too kind, Sir. Also, I will snag some if I see more and send them your way.

    Patsy- Your guess is correct.

    Mr.Midwester- Any news? Are you a Papa yet?

  7. Awesome display, YWP, really well played. Bonus is the pointer to Filene's, who knew they had VV? (I'm a sucker for their ties and squares, tres cheap.)

    Papa, you do need to add a racket to that tie. A Bostonian would have a trio, not the duo you sport (which suggests Philly or Chicago). I know a gin joint with just such an item.


  8. JP- I have not defected to one of the double-racket-logoed organizations... I remain loyal to the trio (though I didn't see any ties available at the desk).

  9. YWP - Not yet. Week overdue and will likely happen in the next couple days. I'll probably drop off the map for awhile but will definitely do a welcome post at some point after things have chilled.


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