Friday, March 2, 2012

Scraps and Oakum VI

Often Confusing

Newly Manufactured

Ancient Bow

Hand Sewn

Court Judge

Patriotic Priorities

Dumb Luck

***Anyone wear a 17.5 collar / 34-35 sleeve?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. Not anymore, but I may still have some in the closet. Do you need parts?

  2. *Oldmoney: No. Just something that needs a good home.

  3. I wear a 17.5 collar and 34-35 sleeve.

  4. Chad, send me a mailing address and I'll ship it off today.

  5. Chad beat me to it...Back to the soup line for me.

  6. love court tennis. there's a club down here in northern virginia that's pretty well known. it's beautiful game and everything still has that old charm...they haven't gone to graphite or titanium racquets...yet.

  7. Would you kindly do a piece on the suitable attire for attending a Boston Ballet or Symphony event? Preferably differentiating between opening night, Fri/Sat night and Matinee? It seems that the average Bostonian is either over dressed or in Walmart clothes. Is there a middle ground that regulars know about?

  8. For the record, that's indeed court tennis, but the wartime championship hiatus evidenced on that board is tribute to the racquets crowd who proudly served. (Court tennis players were draft dodgers who 'served'... hmpff!) - JP


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