Monday, March 5, 2012

Traveling Shirts

I've had this shirt for about three years, and while I appreciated a few of its features, I only yesterday discovered one of them.

A hidden little pocket on the inside of the shirt front.  Tucked away below the belt, there is no reason that I would have noticed this sooner.

Notice that it fits a passport perfectly.  I could have used other objects, but this is a men's style blog and I want you to be under the carefully crafted illusion that I am about to jet off to London for a few days to have some handsome suits painfully hand-tailored for me.  I will not reveal the reality that I am actually about to go only domestically, where I will eat JetBlue's potato chips and watch several reruns of Law and Order on those little TV screens in the back of the airplane seats.  If anyone asks, I am not on a Monday-Thursday business trip, but instead gallivanting around like a playboy spending money frivolously and drinking pricy Champagne.  It'll be our little blog secret.


  1. Have fun in London!

    Say hello to Anderson and/or Sheppard for me. ;)

  2. Nearly the perfect size for a folded stack of Swiss Francs.
    You know...for your trip.

  3. What a great find! It would be wonderful if you discovered a little something in it, say, a flask of G&T or a tin of Cherry Cavendish.

    You *are* taking your private jet, aren't you?

  4. This is a superb feature, it really is. Thanks for sharing, I'l have a look into my shirts too, hopefully with success. Good to know Lewin features it:-)
    BTW understand the secret will be kept. Your "carefully crafted illusion" made me laugh-which is happening very little in our blogosphere.
    Have a good day.

  5. *Dustin: The weather where I actually am is much better.

    *Phillip: I'll have a Franc for Dinar and wash it down with Birr.

    *LBF: Yes... but I shared it with about 100 others, and I sat in row 20.

    *GGG: I actually think that there is endless material in the blogosphere that induces laughter, and some of it is intentional.

  6. But since the passport will be tucked under your belt, would that be rather uncomfortable?


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