Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lad's Choices

As mentioned in a previous post, I took a trip (under advisement) to Keezer's in Central Sq. to buy a new black satin cummerbund.  Mentioning the sub-$20 price tag sparked several emails requesting that I pick up a few more when next I went.  Thankfully, I had some free time and took the subway back across the river (all of 2 stops) for a second visit.  My young lad accompanied me because he likes "choosing ties" and also likes the spicy dosa lunches at Dosa Factory.

Inside Keezer's, he asked if he could choose a few ties for me.  The catch: by himself.

"Fine with me."
"I want to choose some beautiful ones for you" he continued.
"Go ahead.  I'll wait here."

At $5-15, they wouldn't break the bank, so I stood with the cummerbunds by the register and waited for him.

"Here's the first one!" he said, and then sprinted back into the store's wilderness.

Not bad.  It will be a great summer tie with a white shirt and a blue blazer.  I liked it.

[sound of rummaging]

[sound of rummaging]

[sound of rummaging]

"Here's an argyle one!" he said, running up to me.

Oh, Dear God. 

"It's ... wonderful" I said as convincingly as possible.  "Yes, it does look like argyle. A little."

"Do you like it?" he said adorably with genuine pride and excitement for his find. 

"Of course, son... I love it.  Thank you."

Off he ran again.

The thing is massive and unwearable.  For scale, I compared it to a tie of sensible proportions from my closet (below), and the new one is certainly within costume range:

My red tie looked like a sprout compared to the ugly "Argyle" monster.


"One more?" he asked.

"One more" I said, and he ran back through the crowded racks of clothes.

[sound of rummaging]

[sound of rummaging]

[sound of rummaging]

"This one is a handsome green!" he said, returning with a skip in his step.

Also not bad.  I like knit ties in moderation, and this Lilly Pulitzer number will go into the rotation with the other.  Two out of three.  At least he has an eye for it and the prices were so cheap (under $20 for all three) that I could indulge him  in something that clearly made him happy.


"I also found a nice suit for you, too!  Want to see?" he asked.

"I think we should probably go."


  1. That first bow tie is great and the Lilly Pulitzer (silk?) knit tie is awesome as well. I've been looking for a few more silk knits and that sounds like the kind of shop a person could definitely get lost in.

    You should have at least taken a look at the suit he found. It could have been a three-piece bleeding patch madras get-up or something. :)

  2. I can only hope that my progeny will also have good taste. I genuinely believe that it is something one is born with.

  3. Ah yes....I remember my own son's selections...still my favorites!

  4. Hey...batting .666 is damn good for a double A player.

  5. Some of my favorite memories are going clothes shopping with my dad when I was a kid. His standard response when I suggested a necktie that veered toward the wild side was "I think that's a bit 'young' for me."

  6. If you even remotely like the pattern I think Beau Brummels will narrow it down for you.

    @Phillip.: No.

  7. I love the argyle! Get it narrowed or use it as a pocket square. I think it will look great with grey flannels. Good job, YWP, Jr.!

  8. The lad has taste!

    My old man found a wool topcoat (Louis) for about 40 bucks at Keezer's, took it to the front and pointed out that they'd need to fix the liner which was in shreds. The man took it pleasantly, smiled, said "no problem!", then looked at the price and threw it back at him (literally) with anger, telling him to "go to Louis if you want that kind of service!" Pure comedy.

    I bought a tuxedo there many years ago that was a wreck (plastic wasteline adjuster, the whole lot), but it did the job for a while. Years after it was retired a bigger, better-looking house guest casually borrowed it out of the back of my closet (he showed up to a black-tie wedding weekend in jeans), pulled off a hipster-esque tight-waisted, open collar, high-water pants look that women swooned over. Keezer's wins again -- dammit! - JP

  9. @JKG
    Do you doubt that I am capable of producing offspring with an aesthetically honed eye...I suppose you wouldn't be the first.

    1. Oh I don't doubt your ability -- I speak only from personal experience. I inherited a great many personal traits from my father, some of them good. One of them was not my aesthetic sense.

  10. *Mr.Midwester: The loud clown-tie made me gun-shy. You can certainly get lost in Keezer's, and if the Fire Dept. ever visits, the clerks will certainly disappear.

    *Phillip: I suppose that the eye can be developed, but there must be an innate interest beneath it all.

    *Sr.: That's why I will never get rid of the "Argyle" tie. I'll likely never wear it... but I'll never get rid of it.

    *Main Line Sportsman: If only portfolio returns could match.

    *Mr. Sidetable: The clothing-rejecting/accepting banter between a father and son is what makes it all worth it.

    *JKG: I'm not sure that I even remotely like the pattern.

    *Patsy: Narrowing it may be the sensible approach.

    *Anon (JP): They still have some great old coats there. I saw a nice Land's End barn jacket for $30 that may still be there.

  11. The "argyle" tie looks to me like modern stained glass in a 1970's church.
    --Road to Parnassus


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