Monday, June 20, 2011

The Cup Spilleth Over, Trickleth Down The Street

A few blocks away, we saw this

Dear City of Boston,
You had almost four decades to plan for this parade of 1 million visitors.  Did you forget that mammals tend to urinate after drinking liquids?  Did you also forget that when those liquids are alcoholic, a wider array of perceived-as-acceptable urination targets open up?  It's true, I assure you.  The parade attendees assumed that since you provided no facilities, our nearby window boxes, front garden, and street-side planters would make adequate recipients for their createnine.  When those were exhausted, the brick and ivy sufficed for their purposes, worsening as the draw wore on.

Pressure-washingly Yours,


...and speaking of plants and flowers, after the pleasant parade families left and only the goons remained, we posted a guard at the entry way and headed to the Seaport Convention Center for the World Association of Flower Arrangers Show, in what was EASILY the most odd juxtaposition of style and sensibility for our eyes that morning.  From lung-bursting screams of jerseyed/shirtless knuckle-busting blood-lust-drunkards to the tranquil dark air conditioning of an international flower show populated almost exclusively by dames of the well-dressed retiree crowd...

I do the no-sock version

Bermuda shorts and blazers for the men were the uniform at the show, and I happily wore it.

Barbados will host the show in 2017

The flower show did serve beer.  Am I actually blogging about a flower show?  Oh, Boxing The Compass... how you've fallen from almost nothing to truly nothing.

On the way home, we stopped by James Hook for a few lobsters to bring home, and were surprised to see several twelve-pounders in the tubs.  Customers may roll their sleeves and fish one out, if you are friendly with the staff.

My adult hand could be taken off by this old-timer's immense claw

These tough geezers weren't for us... the best are usually the 1-2 pounders.  A stroll home past a gourmet grilled cheese truck, and just in time before a heavy rain deluge washed the Hill clean of confetti, piss, trash, streamers, and flopped-drunk bodies strewn about the sidewalks.

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  1. Luckily they didn't have enough trains, so you were spared an additional 1 million hockey fans.

    We had a floral designs exhibit in the lobby of our office building (and 2 adjacent) a couple of years ago, when the Mass Horticultural Society ran out of money. Really quite stunning.


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