Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Wool

Happy 2013.


  1. Watch out...

    I ready a highly reputable, very preppy blog that warned against the overuse of mixed patterns...

  2. I have one new piece of winter wool thanks indirectly to this blog:
    Some time before Christmas, my elderly father asked me to pick out something for myself from some catalogs he had lying around, as he's getting too old to enjoy shopping on foot. I spotted the Bean Signature Matinicus Rock sweater. There is a thirty year old picture in dad's hallway of my sister wearing its predecessor, and I remembered liking that sweater of hers back when we were kids. The new version seemed a bit pricey, and I thought I'd better google around to see it if was any good. I spotted a positive review on the Daily Prep, and remembered that Ms. Aldrich was also a commenter here. Good enough for me-- I'm wearing the sweater now. Thanks dad, YWP, and Ms. A.

    It's gone over better with my better half than my other new holiday addition, trimming back the professorial beard to a Jean Dujardin-inspired twenties mustache.

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