Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Overthinking II

Just departing now for home after a visit to my friend Toad.  As usual, he was charming, fun, and the perfect companion for a summer night out.  He arrived in his white linen suit, purple checked shirt, pocket square, and with an appetite for steaks, drinks, and cigars.  After a great dinner, we strolled the town's sidewalks to a large outdoor cafe where a roomy fountain didn't help the hot evening air.  Jackets remained on even in the heat, happily achieving a patina of gin and cigars.  Thanks again, Toad.  It was perfect.


Sometimes, I can't help it.  I overthink.

Yes, be sure to pack those boxing gloves carefully.  They aren't made to sustain any sort of regular repeated impact at all.

 This is outside of a Boston rare coin dealer.  I thought it was a Yankee dating service for lonely social climbers in New England.

 If your lastname starts with "X" or "Q", you are in luck.  Embossed cards are now 75% off.  Supply and demand, I suppose.

 In New Hampshire, I drove past this business.  Party AND industrial-grade clean-up supplies in the same building?  They must have read my mind.

On the subway in Boston, a poster invites us to visit western Massachusetts, but only if we dress like bong-sucking garage band groupies.  Notice how the parasol compliments his tie-dye and her sloppy fray-cuffed jeans.  Apologies to the ghost of Mr. Choate.

Overthinking previously.


  1. I have always thought of turning that "Old Money Wanted" sign into t-shirts to sell the the "ladies" trolling the streets of Newport or Beacon Hill...seems fitting on an increasingly frequent basis.

  2. Great captioned pictures. The Party-and-Janitorial-Supplies is at least an improvement over the oft-seen Party-and-Sickroom-Supplies.

    Most interesting is that Berkshires ad. It is so odd that one suspects some kind of psychological/subliminal manipulation. The garden scene is idyllic, but the people are badly dressed, and badly photographed to make their bodies look peculiar and strangely out of place. The notorious Wilson Bryan Key would notice that only the lady in red is looking at the scenery--the others are looking at her. Also, the two women seem to be a couple, with the distanced guy not really part of the picture--he's left out in the cold--as well as back in the '60's-'70's.

    Sorry this is so long, but now you know that you're only an amateur at overthinking.
    --Road to Parnassus

  3. Greatly amusing.

    Toad is, like yourself, on my list of "visit every so often" blogs.

  4. I am from Wisconsin, and one of my favorite landmarks as a child was a store just off the interstate that sold cheese and roll-top desks. A natural pairing.

  5. The T does have some of the worst subway ads I've ever seen, but from what I know about Western Massachusetts, that picture seems pretty accurate.


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