Friday, May 20, 2011


From Tap's Tips - Practical Advice For All Outdoorsmen, by H.G. Tapply, 2004.  If you enjoy fishing, hunting, shooting, and camping, this book is a must.  The last paragraph above is illustrative of the general tone of this great book.


  1. The last paragraph describes our first dog, Chance. She certainly kept our other dog, King, in line. Shew. Hope MLS and his family are doing okay today. Tough when you lost a beloved pet.

  2. Sound advice....but I favor bitches...they train easier. My soul is still rent from yesterday's events....Dixie was not a hunting dog....but she was an amazing companion.Thanks for your comment/poem
    I look forward to raising a glass with you in June when you hit the Quaker City.


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