Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smart and Stylish Mention

The proprietor at An Easy and Elegant Life nominated this blog for recognition as “Smart and Stylish”. Boxing The Compass is admittedly comparatively bland, and his bestowed adjectives were either a surprisingly charitable mention, or a mistakenly-linked redirection perhaps intended for a blog covering ACTUAL compass navigation.  There’s no deviation like magnetic deviation, I've always said... give or take 16 degrees. 

All cheek aside, I sincerely thank him for his courteous nod, and handsome manner with which he composes his emails.

I was asked to write seven things about Boxing The Compass that are not known.

1. I wear a coat and tie (or a clearly non-business suit) while vacationing in cities, and always during transportation.  I do this not for vanity, but because the rest of the world deals with suspicion by drenching it in courtesy.  In the US, we often deal with it by being jerks (which is appropriate).  Cheap move?  Perhaps, but I end up getting seated and served first and (in the East) I don't get inflated prices.  Train ticketing clerks and on-board rail staff also tend to lavish disproportionately attentive service to those who provide them with some aesthetic nostalgia.


2. Since age 10, I’ve held the club record for “most years of tennis lessons with least visible improvement”.

3. I think that terms like “WASP” and “Preppy” are best only uttered sotto voce.  Seriously.  Consider immediately renaming your blogs.  The twist (and this is the good part) is that by blogging about how well you are pulling it off, you disqualify yourself by breaking the golden rule.

4. “Boxing The Compass” began as a (de facto) private discussion forum amongst friends.  It was on blogspot, and I started getting email questions from people who somehow found it.  It grew from there.

5. I’m overcome with a disproportionate sense of productivity when my stapler runs out of staples.

6. I write left-handed, throw right-handed, played lacrosse with both, and can’t play the piano with either.

7. During warm months at 5pm, we fly a cocktails flag outside of our city house, and welcome in for drinks anyone who presses the bell... anyone... which has been interesting.  I am the sixth generation to conduct this strange tradition, though the original burgee didn’t make it past the second.

---A thank you to the readers in Australia for your very nice emails and photos. 

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  1. Point six had me laughing out loud.

    Point seven has me trying to google directions.

    Fine job. Keep fighting the good fight.


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