Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adding Fuel to the Fire

After last winter's firewood posting, I received a touching email from a reader, transcribed in its original, below:

"i only come here to read about mans cloths and not stupid fire wood pictures wtf pls dont post this stupid stuff again thx."

From what I can gather of the reader's carefully composed request, more pictures of firewood are needed from this blog.

Autumn and winter in Boston always bring the smell of fireplaces to the strolling nose. If the supplier's truck is not seen out front at various Boston houses, one can sometimes see small trails of bark and sawdust on the short delivery path from truck bed to front door or courtyard before they are swept up. The old families will carefully put these sweepings in a small metal bin to also be burned. Many use dogs as the cover for walking home with several sticks from the Common, sticks that are certain to be used in fireplaces, dogs that are certain to lay by the hearth.

Untrunk your wool, switch the screens for storm windows, and Happy autumn.

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