Friday, November 4, 2011

Reviving Shirts VII

Two identical shirts in a small blue check pattern. One was the recipient of bleach damage from an obviously incompetent dry-cleaner during a business trip... the same one that ruined another shirt.  Since I didn't feel like sending this one to the scrap yard or to the surgeon, I decided to mix up a very strong solution of bleach and even out the spot.  A full dunk in the Clorox marinade and I now have an almost white translucent-check shirt with an over-all hint of pink.

Originally identical twins, now their details are the only indicator that they are related.

For whatever reason, I seem to have several sets of identical twins as friends.  Some have remained  identical into adulthood, and others would barely pass as related at all.

Concerning one set of twins who are very close friends me and my family:

Jan 1, 2008
Visited by [Twin 1] & [Twin 2].  Though identical twins, they make a point to differentiate themselves in dress and manner, and their efforts are useless.  In the end, the only thing that truly makes them outwardly different, are their self-unseen eccentricities.  The more they attempt to consciously separate, the more they seem like twin brothers, often reverting back to arguing, slapping, and punching, though both possess advanced graduate degrees from remarkable institutions.  Both are over 6 feet tall, intelligent, very thin, and while [Twin 2] is prone to ludicrous injuries (falling and cracking several ribs from not taking his hands out of his pockets to catch himself) [Twin 1] regularly finds himself in situations of such bizarre and unlikely detail, that the retelling becomes immediately legendary. [Twin 1] was asked to put together a pilot program on the Travel Channel, and used our fireplace for the backdrop of the monologue.  Spent the evening putting together cue cards, and setting up the shot. [Twin2] was director while I served as unskilled flunky. 

[Twin 1] has contributed to this blog in the past, and has become a well-known figure in men's style. A stickler for tailoring (necessary with his build), he cuts an intimidating silhouette with the exactingly elegant fit of his suits and shirts.  He is also known for his hand-made pocket squares.


  1. I try to avoid using dry cleaner/laundries when I travel. It's a crap shoot. What you also now have is a shirt attenuated by bleach and five makes ten that the cotton rot will manifest within the next year or so. As opposed to the 5-10 year life window that the shirt had before. Why did I type this irrelevant factoid? Shoot me now.

  2. I refuse to give our housekeeper bleach, even though she routinely requests it, as I have had trouble with her (and others) using it inappropriately (dare I say stupidly?) in the past. The last straw was when I came across bleach drops on our multi-colored (and ver expensive) stair carpet runner. She explained that they must have "dropped from my rag" that she was carrying up and down the stairs, which he has supposedly used to wipe out the inside of our bathroom's sink. What? Boggles the mind.

    Chlorine bleach it s now under lock and key, only to be used by myself when needed. On the other hand, OxyClean does an almost good a job, if allowed to soak overnight.

    But that doesn't do much good when at the hands of a dry cleaner in one's hotel...


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