Monday, November 7, 2011

Belts With Nouns On Them

Last week, the upstairs function room hosted a trunk show for member Nick Mannella and his array of belts and other belt-like paraphernalia, all of which sell under the name of Knot Belt Co. I picked up a nice number with lacrosse sticks and plenty of room, just in case I stop exercising and begin tripling my caloric intake.

You can likely find your school color

The young gent who runs the operation is a fine squash player and remarkably able to keep pace with older members and their odd pop-cultural references from the 70's and 80's.

Nick Mannella

His products are pretty solid and very reasonably priced.  Some of the nouns and combinations (dare I say "motif"?  No... I daren't) are classic references to old pursuits (sports, etc.) and some are cheeky puns which specifically resonate with certain activity participants... like ski bunnies.

If I could just get a picture of my belt onto my boat shoes, this one would be great.


When the weather gets cold, the indoor courts do also, and a down vest fits the bill nicely... brandy also helps.
I have a Brooks Brothers tie with two racquets (rackets, I guess) crossed, but I caught enough flack about it that I had to get the official triple.  Happy now, J.P.?

A pair of warm and comfortable socks from Polo (and NOT from the trunk show) that are sloppily made and were obviously at a discount.  Even beginner knitters do better.

At least my new Knot belt held up nicely... and yes... I paid for it.  As the policy of this blog is one of full disclosure, I received their "trunk show pricing" as did everyone else.  The proprietor Nick was also gallant enough to provide open bar for his show, which made the prices seem even lower.


  1. Very cool belt! And I look the down vest as well. Yep, those trunk shows with alcoholic beverages can be fun, but dangerous. The money I have spent...

  2. YWP, your decision to sport a Boston three-racquet tie is a wise one, and will put you in good standing at any of the hard racquets or court tennis tournaments (think: Newport, R&T, Tuxedo, Queens, et al) where showing the colors is a basis of competition, both on and off the court.

    Well played. - JP

  3. Squash I like. Belt, that is. And the down vest pic is an absolute classic. Well done.


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