Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ralph Lauren vs. Brooks Brothers

A pleasant lunch with an old friend today gave me the chance to swing by the Ralph Lauren Store followed by an immediate visit (one block away) to the Brooks Brothers store.  I compared the mannequins... which do you like better?

Ralph Lauren

Five minutes and one block later...

Brooks Brothers

Some nice patterns and VERY heavy wool

Brooks Bros. first of three floors.

Brooks Bros. seems to be bringing out the very heavy wool this year.


I was lucky to see the following when it originally aired.  Forward to 0:50 for commentary on McLaughlin's jacket.  Pat Buchanan has a great line, but McL's retort is even better:

"Doubtless, a stallion."

Black trousers and a solid black tie on a yellow shirt... black velvet collar on tartan... very nice.  It makes me excited for the holidays and all of the parties.


  1. I think I'd split the difference.

    (That we see a difference to be split probably says something.)

    I love, love, love waistcoats and want more indeed all of them.

    The belted Norfolk is a bridge too far.

    I take BB's shopgirl, unchanged.

  2. I wear both with enthusiasm, but I'm leaning more towards Polo these days. Their suits seem more fitted and elegant.

  3. Don't you think the lapels in first two pictures are a bit too wide?

  4. The coats in the first two pictures are, I think, the Garrison model. My best guess is that it is Polo's attempt to compete with over-the-top designers like Tom Ford at a lower price point.

    The waist is very pinched and the arms/shoulders are very restricting. The fit is just snug beyond snug and I'm surprised they keep rolling it out. Someone must be buying.


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