Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kate Hall and the Kater Skirt

When my wife asked me if I would mind accommodating about a dozen or so of her attractive friends for a private skirt fitting in our house, I happily agreed.  Then she dropped the hammer: "Thanks, Dearest... if you don't mind clearing out for a while, that would be great. Come back by 10pm."  Oh well.  Luckily my neighbor (whose wife attended) had a full bottle of rye, so I went next door.

Kate Hall has been behind several women's clothing lines, and now runs her own in Maine.  The signature skirt is the Kater Skirt, a double-lined silk skirt with (most often) contrasting waists and triple buttons.  They began as primarily a summer line, though Mrs. has commissioned several winter weights in lined wool.  When girlfriends continued to request similar skirts, my clever bride decided to make it into a party.

 The always lovely and sweetly charming Kate Hall.  Her skirts fit every type, and the lines of each garment make any woman look great.

She also gave out these wine bags, made from old (cleaned) sails.  The dacron holds the bottle nicely and provides a sturdy carrier.  The old brass hank is there for effect, though I've used spares before for "flying the khaki pennant" (drying your pants on the back-stay while underway).  She is a work horse and a relentless perfectionist, but she is also endlessly accommodating.  I can say with years of experience that she throws fantastic parties, too.


*ADG, your gifts to Jr. on the sill, just as he arranged them.


  1. Ohhh, I would have loved such a party! A-line skirts are the most forgiving of any style and it looks like she has a great array from which to choose. Love the wine bags as well. I'm sure it was a smashing success! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. *JMW: Send me a mailing address and I'll ship one off to you.

  3. Who'd a thunk that you were such a skirt authority! I'm gonna get me one of 'em today.

  4. "a private skirt fitting"

    LOL!! Mmmmmm.....

  5. *ADG: I skirt authority, but embrace the patrol.

    *LBF: Mrs. does have lovely friends.

    *MLS: The guys across the river at MIT could have... y'know... Gilbert, Lewis, and Booger.

  6. I will absolutely be giving these a closer look! Thank you, and the Mrs., for sharing.

  7. Wow such a nice skirt collection. I like the post a lot!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Just found this post... Do you have a pattern for your wine bags? Love them! Thanks,


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