Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reviving Shirts VI

A pink (T. Pink) shirt of mine had some blue staining on the cuff that would not come out, even after several professional attempts.

I also had a Lewin shirt that had been ruined by a dry-cleaner during a long business trip several years ago. The cleaner had apparently used bleach on the collar and cuffs, and the damage ruined the shirt (for business purposes).  It's possible that the cleaner was used to bleaching white shirts in this way as standard procedure... mine didn't really need it to begin with... I'm just not that filthy.

Two shirts, both marred, but enough parts to reformulate.

The cuffs could be reversed to hide the bleached areas.  The blue striped collar on the pink shirt would have looked great if it hadn't been damaged.

Contrast-collars are easy to find, but contrast-cuffs are more rare.  It's actually rather subtle, now that I look at it.  I hiked back my jacket sleeve for effect.

Good enough for business, and I only had to part with $12.


  1. A very sharp look indeed!

    Best Regards,

    Ulrich von B.

  2. Quite the inventive look. I actually prefer the look of contrast cuffs only to the collar/cuff look.

  3. Excellent, and very inspiring.

    I go to a cleaning establishment that uses a unique organic cleaning method (one of only several in the whole state) and so the damage to my shirts is minimal.

    Unlike you, I'm known to get rather filthy in the office.

  4. Pink and blue will always go together. Love the unexpected look of just having the contrast collars, but no collar. YWP FTP again.


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