Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Read or go outdoors instead.


  1. As I wrote on Admiral Cod, I have far too many in-bred Yankee ancestors on my father's side to have emotionally positive feelings about the institution of the British monarchy. [My mother's ancestors in Virginia and the Carolinas fought in the American Revolution as well.] But I did watch the spectacle with my wife this morning.

  2. What, you weren't glued to a screen of some sort at 4:00 a.m.?

    I'll be half of the Americans who pay attention to this sort of thing probably failed to appear at a cousin's wedding or an aunt's funeral or a nephew's Eagle Scout award ceremony or the neighbor's kid's backyard birthday party at some time.

  3. Anonymous: Politics aside, even the giddy gushing in our (US) media should be enough to turn off domestic royalists. Inbred Yankees are slowly disappearing though... too many of them are acting like asses at clubs founded by their industrialist fore-bearers, or are ruining social function photos with their askew-features, products of the genetic phenomenon you state.

    Giuseppe: Right as always, man. The same people who can't get up to meet for an early coffee or sons-to-the-playground morning, are the same who happily sprung up this morning to gather at 04:00.

  4. Alas, my life got in the way of wedding watching, but I do admit to enjoying the pomp and circumstance.

    I guess it's no more or less annoying than our obsession with professional sports 24/7.

  5. "...acting like asses at clubs"? That's not very Puritan of them!

    I suspect that many old line Wasps wish they had industrialist ancestors betwixt them and their Pilgrim fore-bearers.

    Giuseppe, I agree with you. Family is family, and life is too short to let these precious relations slip by.

    HOWEVER...those who read 'trad' blogs obviously have a certain afinity for a style that is very much related to Anglo tradition (and position) one way or another.

    I confess to all of the above.

  6. How amusing. Apparently some Yanks just can't stand the fact that it's not all about them 24/7.

    Is that a photograph from your family collection? Copulating dogs is an interesting touch, but I'm given to understand that a "dj" or "band" is more customary in your part of the country.

  7. *
    I'm actually kind of stunned.

  8. Admiral: One can certainly be a staunch proponent of a constitutional republic (and not a royalist) and still be an Anglophile. My distaste for the whole spectacle stemmed not from anti-royalist views per se, but from a dislike of our American media's unbridled gushing and bloat-gassing over the entire thing. "Analysis" and commentary for vast pageantry is tiresome, including our governmental and celebrity ones. As for the photo of the two humping dogs, you'll be heartened to know that I'm the one who's tail is in the air... I just have no idea who the humans are in it.


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