Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pilled Sweaters

Sweaters are like prescription drug addicts... it starts off with a few harmless pills and it ends up overtaking everything, ultimately to ruin.  A series of LL Bean sweaters of mine have fallen victim to the pill epidemic recently, and I had tried nearly every possible solution, with only mixed results.  The chest, arms, and cuffs were in bad shape, with a large proportion of the native wool tied up in little clumps like woolen mouse turds across the better parts of the sweater.  While I don't mind a ratty old sweater, these pills are for guys who ride scooters and hang out with Chalky, Spider, and Dave.

Pilled sweater

Mrs. got me a device that is similar to an electric razor, made especially for de-pilling.  It worked somewhat well, but was laborious at best. 

Since razors always work better than electric ones, I decided to have a go with a cheap disposable plastic kind.  It worked... and well. 

After dragging the razor around the sweater, I determined that the blade cuts better in a "guillotine" position of almost 45 degrees.  While this would be nearly literal suicide for one's face, the sweater takes it well.

Hold at an angle for better results, and follow the cable.

Yes, I shaved my sweaters, and it worked in a fraction of the time that the device took.

Sweater pills piled up
Followed by a lint-roller, the sweater looked refreshed and restored, and the razor was still very sharp, so I covered it and put it in with my other sweaters.  If you don't have a lint roller, roll some tape sticky-side-out around your hand and you will accomplish the same thing.


  1. Hmmm, good to know. Both Hubby and I have pilled sweaters that drive us mad. Will have to try this DIY trick!

  2. I have one of the battery operated sweater shavers and I concur.

    I also have a giant bag of cheap disposable razors, due to being suckered into a sale on cheap disposable razors at CVS. Since they absolutely suck for shaving - glad to know there is an alternate use.

  3. I've got a razor comb that does wonders, too. But used the disposable razor all the way through school. Good to be reminded of this trick.

  4. One day you should make up a book of all the usefull posts you publish, Papa. I´d totally buy a decent amount of copies and would give them to my friends!

  5. I can highly recommend the sweater stone. Makes a mess on the floor, but gets all the pills off!

  6. Damn. Sweater shaving. I've heard of trimming up ones do-dads for the weekend but I've never shaved my sweaters. I feel like I've been missing something.


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