Monday, April 4, 2011

Reviving Shirts V - Outdoorsman Edition ***Updated***

I recently dug this shirt out from the depths of closet limbo.  The fabric is nice, and the cut is acceptable, but the collar...

Somehow even too long for a tab.  Hopeless.

The elongated points were desperate and foolish.  They didn't button down, nor did they fasten underneath, and they served no point.  I nearly wrote "pointless" but in fact, pointful is all they were.  The only solution was to have them tucked under.

Much better.  Why couldn't Ralph have done this in the first place?

After the visit to the tailor and only $8 later, I had them under control.  Paired with an old jacket Mother gave me in highschool (converted to 4-button during college in preparation for a fly-fishing trip), the shirt collar now shows a leaner cut and more graceful line.


Some fishing trips and private lengths of water require jacket and tie, and sometimes it just seems right.  Father always casts tiny dry-flies with a tie on, sometimes a bow-tie, and a Double Maduro or bowl of Virginia Bright as bug-repellent.

Light water is fine for hip waders, but chest waders are a safer bet

For this jacket, I decided to pair it with a vest and a pair of LL Bean pants held up by suspenders.  This vest of course is worn over the jacket.

One of life's few allowances for vest atop the jacket

For sudden squalls or stream-side naps, tuck everything in to the waders

Other accessories for this outfit generally include a sandwich in a ziplock bag, sunglasses, thermos, and a net.  In some areas of Alaska and Colorado, a large caliber pistol is a good idea.

This outfit assures game wardens and fishery officials that they needn't bother ask you to display a license or back-country permit, and invites a stiff fleecing by podunk fishing shop proprietors when you stupidly ask if "there is any special equipment needed" and could they "please recommend as good stretch of water".

Puukko from Finland, gift from a dear friend

I am grateful that the idiocy of the urban lumberjackasses will likely never convert to urban fly-fishermen.  Speaking of, Giuseppe still has an Orvis vest and pants available at his shop.

 After posting this, I got several emails and unpublishable comments challenging my claim that people fish in a jacket.  Several day later, dear friend (an commenter) Plum sent this picture of me from a New Hampshire fishing trip several years past.  Though no tie, I sport a college-era J Crew roll-neck sweater under an Orvis linen jacket (unbelievably heavy and with working cuff-buttons).  Both garments live at the lake, a place where my wife often sends clothing she finds unfit for the city. 

"Father, what happened to your patch-pocketed fishing pants with the paint on them?" asked the young boy.  "We sent those pants to a nice farm upstate where they are much happier.  It was your mother's decision."


  1. Perfect shirt paired with that jacket.... for a driven grouse hunt on the moors of Scotland!

  2. Good thing you had those collars tucked under, as a stiff breeze could have had sent them flapping and scared away the fishes.

    Love the four-button look on the jacket too. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for an extra tweed along those lines to convert for the fall.


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