Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loafers and Loaves

 A new pair of loafers arrived in the mail, and were immediately returned-to-sender... they hurt in a way that I recognized, and I knew that they would never be broken-in.  I would go into detail, but I've been bad-mouthing the company enough lately.  On the walk home from the waterfront, I found this new hidden bakery off of Hanover St.

An alley hidden in plain sight. 

A stroll down the tiny passageway. 

Go in the door, and take the stairs down.

Excellent bread.  A full bag cost me $3.

The alley out.

Hard to find.  Well worth it.


The North End is also home to the "Skinny House"... one of America's famous spite houses.  I can identify with this type of operation.  There is often a pleasantly bitter taste is petty retribution... like the flavor of Angostura, but mixed with smug self-satisfaction and shaken with ice.


  1. I never knew these types of homes had a name. They are actually not too uncommon in Japan as imminent domain doesn't really exist. You can often be walking down a street with skyscrapers in Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto and suddenly- tiny house between two towering skyscrapers. Quite odd.

  2. If it's the same bread served in DePasquale's restaurants, I'm in!

    I used to love stopping at il Panino for takeout when I lived in the North End in the olden days. It was his only restaurant at the time and just counter service. God, was it good.

  3. Just catching up here... there used to be a little bakery in baltimore like that... somewhere on the edge of little italy. you could stop in and buy the fresh-baked italian bread, or just get a loaf of the raised dough and bake it yourself. it was wonderful.


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