Monday, January 30, 2012

Burns Night Preamble

Last Wednesday was Robbie Burns Night, and while I threw on the kilt and glengarry, it was not exactly suitable for the office.  I kept that assembly a little easy during the day.

A Black Watch jacket I've had for some time usually comes out for winter parties and for Robbie Burns Night... or when tartan is needed... which is rare.  

It's soft and very comfortable, and I like it with a bow tie which, it was pointed out, was upside down.  "It was right-side-up when I got here" was my slurred response as I raised another glass of of Scotch later that evening.  Same shirt, tie, and shoes as I shifted into the evening wear.  Joined by friends Giuseppe and James Fox, all interpretations of the style were excellent.  AAW has a nice post on the rest of the evening.

Next year, maybe Toad and his balmoral will join us for three holes of indoor urban golfing and plates of seasoned ground innards.

Not quite cold enough in Boston for curling (not that I'm a curler), but here are some great North American Scots enjoying their fascinatingly cool style:

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