Monday, July 11, 2011

Athletic Wear's Revenge

It was unintended to be sure.  The weekend was high barometric pressured, warm, gently breezed, and all around pleasant.  Shorts, loafers, and a button down shirt seemed right for a Saturday trip to the cafe and the activities that followed.  On the way, the Orvis class was practicing their fly casting on the Greenway, children were gearing up for fountain frolicking, and the sun was just getting ahold of everything for the day.

An hour later, I would run almost five miles in this outfit:

When teaching bicycle riding to young ones, there comes a moment when they go from shaky to instantly fast.  When that occurs, one can only run behind encouraging them.  If they are on a circular track or driveway, all the better, but when they are linear-urban, they have to keep going straight.  I ran behind for five miles (round-trip) along the Charles River in leather loafers, stiff khaki shorts, and a French-cuffed TM Lewin shirt as Jr. peddled chin-forward, both of us having the times of our lives.  I don't mean to imply that I did this effortlessly... after the third mile, I began to wonder (hope) that his little legs would tire out... but they didn't, and I did not have the heart to ask him to stop.

For all the griping I do about people wearing athletic clothing to social events, here I was doing the exact opposite.  I guess that makes me the jerk.

Later that evening, at a party near the harbor, my legs were feeling a bit wobbly, but those loafers (left at home) were as comfortable as could be, leaving my feet miraculously in tact, as my host refilled my Pimms repeatedly.


  1. Call it my fascination with zombie movies or whatever, but I believe that you should be able to run (even sprint) in any pair of shoes that you own. I even managed to do so in some vintage v-cleat Florsheims about a month ago in racing against a torrential downpour (and managed to win out).

    Five miles, though, dang my arches would be singing.

  2. I share your disdain for athletic wear and I am sure you were a refreshing sight, not to mention a nice father.

  3. Hanover Street!

    Man, I love that Greenway.

  4. PIMM's it easy availability will be one of the biggest things I miss about leaving Britain. Good job on the run though!

  5. Mr.M: If zombies are a concern, consider a Mossberg instead of runners.

    Ms. Aldrich: I learned my lesson though. Running shoes for the next morning's laps.

    PigTown: I followed that pattern exactly.

    Patsy: Summer on Hanover Street sidewalks are gridlock.

    Prowl26: Are you back stateside?

  6. Funny, I did the same in almost the same uniform on the fourth with my little girl. Luckily I was caught wearing driving mocs. The outfit did provide a small sense of decorum as I apologized to our drunk neighbor whose parked car was rammed by a seven year old cyclist.

  7. I will be by the end of the 21st. Now it is my wife's turn to work and my turn for school.


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