Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trim Shirts, Shoulder Holsters, Vests and Suspenders

I took one of my newly trimmed shirts flyfishing on Alaska's Kenai River.

Cooper Landing, AK

Erik, our ghillie for the trip.

...and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him...

 The shirt's new trim dimensions fit better under the waders.  With the water in the high 40's, I needed all the summer warmth I could get.  You see?  Suspenders should always go under the vest.  Is that what you were talking about?

I had never fished with a shoulder-holstered .44 before.  I was assured that it was necessary in case the locals (bear) had decided to have a go at us.


 My Yankee eyes had never seen a King Salmon before, but when they rolled in front of me, I thought that they were porpoises.  There were more sock-eyes that I could count, but like the kings, they had stopped eating before heading up river.  Thick Rainbow trout and heavy Dolly Varden were in abundance and ravenous.  The fight is monstrous because like all the wildlife in the area at this time of year, they are very well fed.  Midnight sunsets, and the only thing I wasn't able to catch was sleep for the week.  Back in Boston now, and an evening cigar and iced brandy with mint to celebrate the beautiful new daughter of dear friends.


  1. Why would you take a dress shirt to wade-fishing is beyond me...I want to hear more of Alaskan stories.

  2. Even in my slimmed down state I am still a good 46/48. I am envious of the fellows that can get away with the slim fits but I find that they just don't work well for me. They do look much cleaner.

  3. These pictures are spectacular! As is that footprint. Having spent extended periods of time in the north woods of Maine I quickly learned that it was prudent for one to be "armed".

  4. Good Lord, that place is beautiful!

    On a woman's blouse, the pulling of the buttons at the chest would indicate that the lady wearing it was a little too busty for that size.

  5. *Chen: It was the shirt I brought. I needed sleeves that rolled, and I needed it light and soft. It was the perfect choice.

    *Phillip: You should wear what fits. Full-cut looks good on many men.

    *Lady Aldrich: When my father or grandfather would load their gun before a camping trip in Northern Maine, I would always ask if it was in case of bear. They would, without fail, explain that the gun was "for the flies". After countless welts from black/deer/horse/moose flies, I learned what he meant.

    *Patsy: Your imagery just made my Friday.

  6. We were not far from there (for Alaska, anyway) in Kenai Fjords. There were no insects at all, in mid June, but there were no bears either. It was stunnungly beautiful.

    Back to the lower 48, a man in our area shot himself in the butt while at the movies. This wouln not have happened had he used a shoulder holster. But then it would not have been concealed, I guess. A jacket was out of the question since it's been around 100 degrees nearly every day.


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