Sunday, May 15, 2011

Southern Styles

A week of traveling to Virginia and North Carolina has produced some interesting experiences.  To begin with, NCAA Lacrosse has been particularly exciting, and I have been able to watch several of the games... one of which was won with one remaining second on the clock to the tie-breaker (Hartford/Stony Brook).

Between meetings, I was able to sneak off into the splendid Virginia Countryside (northwest of Charlottesville) in Madison County, where pre-dawn brook trout unskeptically took the flies I showed them.  Later in the day, when the shadows were long again, I pulled the waders over my suit trousers and caught a few more.

Pre-sunrise in Virginia

A small stream with trout hiding in the pockets and pools

Mrs. has a particularly charming fly-fishing outfit that gets stares from both man and beast.  She is hard to miss when she's in the wilderness in this.

Pink LLBean fishing vest
Pink fishing vest and pink Hermes scarf

Back home to Boston for a few days where a small nest-fallen bird perched on my finger at Government Center.

Again south days later, but to Chapel Hill where watching the lacrosse was great, the parties were fantastic, and a college friend got hitched to a beautiful woman during an outdoor ceremony.  I wore this to the rehearsal dinner.

A great shop on Main St. offers the reverse of my Brooks Brothers Shirt, though they were asking $170 for an off-the-shelf shirt (it was charming).  Obviously, this Yankee did not even consider it... bespoke shirts are often less.
Their shirt

In their window was a blue cuff/collared shirt with blue elbow patches... I loved it.  My friends and I stopped when we saw this one.

The carpet in the hallways at Aloft Hotel reassured me of my sock choice an evening later. 

With a full 20 degree average increase in temperature compared to Boston, it was refreshing to stroll around wearing lighter cottons, naked ankles, and smiles.  The Virginia/North Carolina area is perfect right now, and people know how to dress for events... the heat has not set in yet, but the sun is out, and when I return to Boston, spring will still be in her moody phase.  Until then, I raise a glass to the upland south.


  1. Just read your comment on MLS, wonderful tale. You sould expand it into a post.

  2. Rehearsal dinner outfit is crazy awesome.

    Also, if it's possible to charm fish into ones grasp, I'm sure your wife has done plenty of it. One-of-a-kind, there.

  3. So y'all came through my neck of the woods and didn't call.

  4. Didn't you do the same to me in Boston? ZING!

  5. Were you at Foxborough on Sunday? Epic disappointment for my beloved Orange. Great tournament thus far.

    What are the best trout streams within 1.5/2 hours of Boston?


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