Friday, March 18, 2011

Urban Practicality: Fly Box = Cufflink Organizer

 Joe Brooks solves a man's dilemma.

The dry-fly section of Orvis Boston

Orvis sent me a nice coupon and I used it to buy two new fly-boxes (about $10).  Traveling and organizing cufflinks (especially silk knots) can be a pain, and young children squirrel them away after playing with them, regardless of how far out of reach you put them.  These are designed to seal securely, are waterproof, and (so far) are childproof.  The metal cufflinks will still be kept in a more elegant holder, and unlike the silk numbers, you can hear them if you drop them... the silk knots tend to silently bounce and immediately disappear under furniture, only to be later consumed by an uncaring vacuum.

Silk knot cufflinks are ready for travel

What to do with a spare fly?
Below, a fly tied by great-grandfather which (decades ago) coaxed rainbow trout out of the cool undercuts of a Northern Maine stream.


Reading the charming and unexpectedly-stylish flyfisherman and author Joe Brooks was the inspiration.  Authenticity and radiance being rare, I refer you to the lovely image below of Mary Brooks (4th photo down)... the real thing.

 From Trout Fishing (1972)

A beret for the trout waters of Argentina

Canvas hat while crossing a river (not named)

Mrs. Brooks and her fantastic style in New Zealand.  Keeper.

Fur hunting hat on the Babine River, BC

Though most photos also contain images of world-class trutta, they also contain inescapable charm, and illustrate a man who thinks about his surroundings, has fantastic patience, and lands some amazing fish.


  1. My parents have some fantastic b + w photos of my grandfather fly fishing wearing a fedora, tie and hipwaders (and, I assume, pants). I think I'll steal them the next time I visit.

  2. Awesome post combining some ingenuity, history, and a great style shot as well. The fly on the lapel works perfectly and means even more given its history.

  3. I think a fly would also look rather fetching attached to a hatband, though I don't know how you feel about headgear yet

    All best,


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