Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reader Submissions: Homemade Pocket Squares

A reader sent a photo of his hand-made pocket square, and the accompanying description.  I truly do love getting photos from readers, especially when they are like this:


I decided to go with a blue and pink outfit for valentine's day and needed a pink pocket square.

I picked up some "fabric quarters" at the fabric store. I grabbed two pink ones because I didn't know which one was going to work better with the tie I had picked out. Then when I saw them next to each other and remembering the post on [Boxing the Compass] about making your own, I decided to sew them together and I think it turned out quite nice. I did a test with a three-point fold and it looks fantastic.

I'll make sure to grab some photos of the outfit showing off the pocket square and send them to you, too.

I'm hoping to make many more, considering how easy this one was. 

The second one

Excellent creations, inspiring stylishness, and for little cost.  The double-sided cottons are always eye-catching, and they seem to be catching on. 

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  1. Nothing better than wearing homemade, self-cut stuff !


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